Sunday, October 30, 2011


Friday, April 22, 2011


Still love you guys~ =D Happy Easter!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just a sentence ;)

Things may come and things may go, but the Lord will stay forever eternal and faithful.

okay, i lied. a sentence and a paragraph below.

We've all started our differing walks since NSCFL so long ago...and well, I can't say much, as i know some of you are already very busy, some of you have already left school..while some of us are still grinding here, just take time to realize that we are all still connected through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! :)

That's all I want and have to say. Till next time, Sapphirites.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shooting ramdom aims

I found this on YouTube, it got more than a million view count!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Follow Him!

Poor Dylan: So just wanna share sth that just happened~

Well, since SPM is over of course my friends and I planned to go somewhere and spend time slash make more memories...So, the plan we had since months ago, was to go KL..and now since SPM is over, we were looking forward to it, and this trip is organised by my class so aka school trip also.
But one thing was, my dad did not like the idea, he told me since I am 17 already, I should learn to decide for myself, but he told me clearly that he did not like the idea at all....
Well, of course since he still gave me a partial yes to the trip, I just said "I still wanna go" afterall, I've been looking forward to it for a long time already.

A day or two later, there was news bout Jeremiah School (For you those who dunno, It's a month plus sort of Christian camp, and it's for school leavers only) and I have planned to take part in this camp a year already since the day I knew my seniors went there.
But my dad was already not that happy with my plans to go KL and besides that, this year wasn't a really good year for my dad and I...So, I actually wanted to give up on the thought of attending Jeremiah School (JS), and I thought: "I should be glad that I am able to go KL already and I shouldnt want too many things"
It was then when God spoke to me: "So where does your priority lie? In your KL trip with friends whom you have known since primary school? OR To JS where you will learn more about God? Who do you need most?"
And I thought, maybe that was just another set of fancy sentences I normally use to advise ppl which normally pops up in my head time and again..I doubted that it was Him~ So I just kept cool, and did not want to do anything when soon I became afraid...Because we all know that God speaks to us and we will hear it as if it was our own voice..And though I have consciously gone against His words millions of times already, I know that I wanna go JS just as much as KL and well, priority......goes to that...And the one way I can convince my dad to allow me to go is by sacrificing the KL trip~

Therefore, I plucked up all my courage and went to my dad...We had a big words-shooting time but at last he allowed me to go...And the thing is he did not mention anything about the KL trip! But he was giving his: "Im not very happy" face..And I thought it would be best for me to tell him that "It's okay for me not to go KL since Im gonna go JS for a month plus"
So, YAY! From impossible to possible, and it was then when I concluded that It was indeed God that was advising me, and I have done something right.

That wasn't the best part, a few days later....We got news from the class monitor that the KL trip was cancelled because they couldn't find transport~ That was when I knew that God is real, and if we were to just be a little bit more hardwork into following what He tells us to do, great things will happen, and we'll not miss out anything. He will give us what we thought we will miss, for God Provides!

Missing you guys out there~~

Go with God~! ^^